Clean aesthetics, is the classic beauty of a white porcelain apothecary bottle with a savvy monocramtic modern style. It is our interpretation of pure 'Earth Loving Aromatics'.


Handcrafted of FDA approved volatile organic compounds (VOC) compliant formula + premium fragrance essential oils + natural rattan reeds + white porcelain apothecary bottle.

*VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) are compounds that are harmful and create indoor air quality problems. For further reading, please visit:

Reed Diffusers

  • Acqua al Limone, Fresh aromatics of geranium, dewy currants and lemon peel.
    Autumn, Festive aromatics of apples, spicy cinnamon, clove and vanilla.
    Beach House, Oceanic air accords, bergamot, water lily and soft musk.
    Black Tahitian Coconut, Smoked cedarwood, coconut, eucalyptus and patchouli.
    Boudoir, Sultry aromatics of dark amber, saffron, patchouli and lush berries.
    Bourbon Tobacco Leaf, Distinguished aromatics with cedar, citrus and black tea.
    Brazilian Rosewood & Oakmoss, Alluring aromatics with cardamom, jasmine and botanical bitters.
    Chrysanthemum & Agave, Refreshing aromatics with aloe, tangelo and green botanicals.
    Coconut Beach, Buttery coconut, musk and bourbon vanilla.
    Dark Amber Sea Salt, Sultry aromatics with cardamom, citrus and plum.
    Gardenia, Sweet neroli blossom, gardenia and soft sandalwood.
    Grapefruit, Citric aromatics with peach, red currant and vanilla.
    Himalayan Orchid, Sweet floral aromatics with mandarin, tonka and pink salt.
    Jasmine & Water Lily,  Fresh white flowers, citrus and sandalwood. 
    Lavender Sandalwood, Sensual aromatics of soothing lavender, amber and exotic sandalwood.
    L'Orange Noir, Spicy aromatics of black pepper, tonka bean, and orange bitters.
    Pink Grapefruit, Sweet ruby grapefruit infused with lavender and cool mint. 
    Rose, Sensual aromatics of fresh cut roses with delicate green notes. 
    Smoked Vanilla Tonka Bean, Spicy aromatics of black pepper, saffron and cedar leaf.
    Spring,  A bouquet of jasmine, energizing citrus, neroli and sandalwood.
    Tahoe, Fresh pine, balsam fir, citrus, musk, and botanical bitters.
    Tuolumne, Fresh open air accords, crisp citrus and herbaceous greens. 
    Yuzu Tangerine, Citric aromatics with guava, passionfruit and botanical bitters.

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Make sure to only burn your candle on a level, fire resistant surface. To prevent fire and serious injury, burn your candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never burn your candle on or near anything that may catch fire. *For wood wick candles, gently break off burnt ember before relighting.

Handmade in Roseville, California